MouseCode Keyboard

MouseCode Keyboard is available via Google Play.

Its documentation can be read at

What is it?

It’s an Android soft keyboard that leverages your current (or past) knowledge of International Morse Code & allows you to type any character you might find on a normal 104-key PC keyboard (plus a few more) using just two fingers, with minimal need to look at the screen while using it.

At the present time, you can interact with it via two methods:

  • The on-screen buttons
  • The buttons on a bluetooth or USB mouse (Android 6.0 or newer only).

Example use cases:

  • Semi-blindly typing with one hand… possibly in situations where you should be looking at something else for social, safety, or logistical reasons. By design, you can pause entry and/or deterministically return it to a known state at any time.
  • Discreetly typing with one hand while holding the device (or a mouse) under a table, so you can pretend you’re paying attention to something (or someone) else.
  • An assistive technology that enables people who are blind or have limited motion to type efficiently.