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To simplify the remaining instructions, there are a few terms you need to know:

A dot or dash. Dots are typed using the left button (or by touching the input area's left side), dashes are typed with the right button (or by touching the input area's right side).
endmark ( ¤ )
A gesture that tells MouseCode that you're finished entering the pattern for a character. To type an endmark, press and release both buttons at the same time (or touch the screen with two fingers). More precisely:
A sequence of dots & dashes ("elements") that define a specific Unicode codepoint.
What Unicode calls "the number that uniquely identifies a specific character". It's roughly analogous to the "ASCII Code" of an ASCII character. MouseCode Keyboard supports all of the characters you can directly type with a US PC keyboard, plus quite a few more.
Two (occasionally, three or four) characters whose pattern elements are BOTH entered before typing the endmark.

Procedure for typing a character

Using the left ( . ) and right ( - ) buttons, enter the elements of your desired character's pattern, then signal an endmark ( ¤ ).

If you want to abort the character after you've entered at least one element, but before you've committed it with an endmark, you can reset MouseCode's state machine by entering at least 7 dots followed by a dash (no endmark after the dash... just continue with the new sequence of elements).

If you want to type a space, just enter an endmark without first entering any elements.

Aborting a character in progress

If you make a mistake while entering the pattern's elements, there are two ways to cancel it:


There are two ways to backspace:

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