MapCircle is a simple app that displays a regular Google Map with an overlaid circle (or donut) having a specified radius around a Marker point.

Two ways to recenter the circle:

1. Recenter the map on your current location (use the map's "My Location" icon), then move the center marker and circle by pressing the "Map" icon in the actionbar.

note: On Android 6+ devices, you must give the app permission to access your location, or the "My Location" icon won't appear in the map.

2. Long-press the marker until it turns orange, drag it to a new location, then release.

There are two circle styles:

A simple circle with dark outline whose radius equals whatever value you set.
A donut whose width represents a "zone of uncertainty" (±0.5, unless radius ≤ 0.5)

The radius can be entered as miles or kilometers.

To set the radius distance, touch the red map Marker, enter the distance in miles or kilometers using the keypad dialog that opens, then touch "OK"

There are four icons in the Actionbar Menu (left to right):

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